Welcome to my New Blog and Website…

Many of you have noticed my new website www.tasohountas.com and thank you for your comments.  The site is still a work in progress so to speak, and I am currently going though all my archives and choosing photographs to add.

There will be more concert photographs, now… that is one of the most challenging types of Photography you can ever do.  Nothing is in your control and you never know what to expect, the light is constantly changing and there is so much going on.  Getting that one photograph… that’s different and emotional under those circumstances is a Photo Editors dream.

The other type of photography that I enjoy is Food Photography, again very challenging.  With Food you do have control; you control the lights, the composition and with a good Food Stylist the way the food looks. The challenging part is putting all of those elements together and executing.  How many of you looked at a magazine or a cook book and seen a photo that made your mouth water? That changed your mind about lunch or dinner…   It has happened to me and that is something I always try to achieve.  Sometimes I do and other times I don’t and that is the challenge of Food Photography.

For now… that’s it

Taso Hountas