In Memory of Dave Brockie of GWAR

It was sad news when I heard Dave Brockie of GWAR passed.  I was lucky to have had the opportunity to photograph him and GWAR back in December of 2009 at Irving Plaza NYC.

I hope I am able to convey the excitement I had when I was at Irving Plaza waiting for Gwar to come on.  The anticipation was killing me and when Gwar’s stage crew came over to us in the pit with plastic bags and gaffers tape so we can cover our gear, I knew it would be something to remember.  

Gabi, a friend and fellow photographer said ” photographing GWAR is like a right of passage for music photographers”  and I agree. 

We had our typical three songs to capture images but the fans did not allow that.  With in ten second of the second song the fans surged, the pit barricade was failing and Security took over, with their backs against the stage and feet on the barricade they tried to keep the the fans from storming the stage.  It is a show I will never forget.



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