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Photographing the living legend Aretha Franklin the Queen of Soul was a great honor for me. Here is an Artist  that has been photographed live so many times over the years by some of the best Music Photographers in the World and there I was.     The thoughts racing through my mind were… will I be able to capture something different, that one special moment…    And those thoughts got me very excited….

Aretha Franklin appearing at Radio City Music Hall NYC September 17th 2009

Radio City Music Hall where Aretha Franklin appeared is not my favorite venue to photograph an Artist but a great venue to see an Artist.   No photo pit and to make things more difficult it was a seated performance.  I was only allowed in one spot kneeling down in the aisle to the left of the stage for the first two songs. Looking over the stage set up as she appeared it proved to be a difficult concert to photograph.   In other words I had to wait, I had to wait for her to turn in my direction, I had to wait till she moved to a specific area of the stage where the lights would help to create something special.

As you read this, you can imagine how luck had a lot to do with photographing Aretha live in concert that night.

Aretha Franklin appearing at Radio City Music Hall NYC September 17th 2009

If any one Knows the Name of  Aretha Franklin’s  Pianist in the photograph below, please let me know

Unknown pianist for Aretha Franklin

I can honestly write that I will be looking froward to be able to photograph her again in the near future. That’s all for now.

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