Music Photos: MIKA

When I got emailed to photograph Mika I had no Idea what to expect… I had just enough time to grab my gear and head to the venue.

By the time I arrived at the venue Le Passion Rouge about an hour or so before the show, the line was already around the Conner. Not knowing what to expect seeing a crowd as large as this so early was a good indication that the performance would be pretty good.

It was.

Here are a few concert photographs from the night.




Taso Hountas

Concert Photographer

Music Photos: IDA MARIA

When I found out that I was able to Photograph Ida Maria at Hiro Ball Room , I jumped at the chance.

It is not the music that made me jump at the chance to photograph her in Concert but her stage presence…Ida Maria is high energy and an emotional performer.

Here are a few Live Photographs from the night






Taso Hountas

Concert Photographer

Promotional Photos: NYOC Paintball Team

Needed a very edgy look for these guys…  With the reputation that NYOC has as one of the Premiere paintball teams in the New York area. I couldn’t just take photos of them, I needed to create a look that fit who they are.

After some discussion  with the Team Captain Joe D  and a few ideas being thrown around we went with a dark, menacing look.

I made a decision to use only one light; normally I would have added a second strobe to separate the subject from the background but decided against this because of the look we wanted.